Bullshot Crummond at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre North Vancouver

Event Details

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

The Maltese Falcon meets Mel Brooks in the outrageous farce, Bullshot Crummond! A comedy by Ron House, Diz White, John Neville Andrews, Alan Shearman and Derek Cunningham, Bullshot Crummond is a parody of the low-budget detective movies popular in the 1930s.

Our hero Bullshot is summoned to rescue Professor Fenton, kidnapped by the malevolent German spies Otto von Brunno and his evil mistress Lenya. Can Bullshot Drummond outwit the wicked von Brunnos, save the Professor and his guileless daughter Rosemary all the while defending the honour of the British Empire? Can a small theatre contain a plane crash, a car chase, a saber duel, and death by dynamite? Can you afford not to find out?

For more information please call us at 604-929-9456



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