Counting to 1,000 & Secrets at Seymour Art Gallery

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Seymour Art Gallery

This exhibition at the Seymour Art Gallery will showcase two distinct bodies of work: one by painter m.a.tateishi, and the other by photographer John Steil. Although the artists are sharing the gallery, their work remains distinct from one another, but invites unexpected parallels.

For a year and a half, artist John Steil was focused on numbers. It began on a 10-day road trip through the States, where the quiet contemplation of the road led him to notice the numbers all around him – on signs, shirts, cars, and more. He began to photograph them and, when he returned to Vancouver, he continued recording the numbers he encountered in everyday life. Striving to document numbers that were not always straight-forward, Steil amassed a diverse collection. The result is an engaging video projection showing sequential photographs of his “discovered” numbers starting at one, counting up to 1,000, and then counting back down to one with a second set of unique photographs. John Steil is a Vancouver photographer, community planner, painter, printmaker, and poet.

M.A.Tateishi’s vibrant mixed media paintings incorporate acrylic, ink, marker, charcoal, pastel, tissue, and resin on wood panel, and each piece is built up with least 15 layers. Tateishi considers each meticulous layer complete, and often painful to cover up. This unique process results in a colourful, vibrant, and glossy work revealing appealing glimpses of the skeletal layers underneath. Tateishi is a full-time artist who lives in Deep Cove and paints at her studio in East Vancouver.

For more information about this event please call us at 604-924-1378



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