An Evening with Bob Rae at Canyon House Banquet Hall North Vancouver

Event Details

Canyon House Banquet Hall

Bob will talk about how our country’s political culture is being altered in ways that are inconsistent with our country’s historic fundamental character. Many important values that have previously formed a core meeting ground for all Canadian political parties are currently being undermined.

Bob Rae, is a former Member of Parliament and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He is a Rhodes Scholar, former Premier of Ontario, current chief negotiator for the James Bar area First Nations, and a partner at Olthuis Kleer Townshend LLP.

Together with Jonathan Wilkinson, the North Vancouver Federal Liberal candidate, Bob will speak on the “Need for Change” and will engage in a Q&A discussion with those in attendance.

Tickets are $75/adult, $25/Youth, $125/couple.

Please call us at 604-961-1806 for more information about this event.



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