Food As Medicine with Dr. Aaron Wong ND at Cafe by Tao North Vancouver

Event Details

Cafe by Tao

A free talk about Food As Medicine. Everyone is welcome.

You Will Learn:
How specific food constituents can help heal your body.
How to know if your digestive system is functioning at optimal.
How to manage inflammation & optimize nutrient absorption.
What you eat is the best medicine you’ll find. Eating the right foods has the ability to heal many chronic diseases.

Presented by Dr. Aaron Wong, ND:
Dr. Wong is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician practicing in North Vancouver. He uses a holistic approach with his patients, combining modalities to optimize the benefits and considers body, mind, & spirit in his approach to wellness. Dr. Wong is a big proponent of growing your own food and has a passion for sustainability and protecting our natural environment.
Start Time: 7pm

*Please note that the Cafe will be open so if you plan to have some their delicious food, please arrive early and order before the start of the talk.

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