Handle with Care at the Seymour Art Gallery North Vancouver

Event Details

Seymour Art Gallery

Glassblowing, cane work, and etching are just some of the ways in which glass can be altered and transformed.

This exhibition will showcase the glasswork made by a selection of artists from the Terminal City Glass Co-Op, located in Vancouver.

The objects created by these artists range from minute beadwork to large vessels, however all share a common fragility.

Featured Artists:

Larissa Blokhuis, Dylan Basford, Jan Bell-Irving, Hope Forstenzer, Jeff Holmwood, Heike Kapp, Maria Keating, Heather Konschuh, Sonya Labrie, Ilona Lindsay, Laura Murdoch, Tara Pawson, Melanie Rowe, Leslie Rowe-Israelson, Minori Takagi and Naoko Takenouchi

Please call us at 604-924-1378 or email at info@seymourartgallery.com for more information about this event.



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