Ilze Bebris ‘Bust!’ at the City Atrium Gallery North Vancouver

Event Details

City Atrium Gallery

The installation considers the vocabulary of marks and symbols used in map making and how we negotiate or fail to negotiate this complex code. This work is an evolution of her piece, Archipelago.

‘Bust!’ reflects a further development in my interest in maps, cartography and mark-making. Based on research into the complexity of maps and topographical data, ‘Bust!’ is a response to the challenges of navigating this ever increasing pool of information. In this work, I consider mapping as an ongoing harvesting of information, not only topographical data but the social and political histories of our planet as well. How we access, store, and manipulate this mass of information in a constantly shifting sea of information is the spark point of this work.

‘Bust!’ contemplates the moment of explosion of data, the point where accumulation of information becomes overload. It is a moment of surge and eruption in the enormous centrifuge of information when “things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”.

Please contact Jo Dunlop at 604-988-6844 or email at for more information about this event.



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