Jack & The Bean for Ages 3 to 7 at the Presentation House Theatre

Event Details

Presentation House Theatre

Friday – 1pm and 7pm

Saturday and Sunday – 1pm and 4pm

Tuesday-Thursday – 10am and 1pm


By Linda A Carson

Directed by Kim Selody

Starring Tim W Carlson & Allan Zinyk

This new spin on the much-loved story finds Jack surrounded by land that just won’t grow anything!

His father sells off everything they own in order to buy food so they can eat. When Jack has to sell his toys, he trades them instead for magic beans which grow into a giant beanstalk.

Jack climbs the giant stalk to a rich and fertile land and discovers the source of the trouble with his farmland and learns how to make it fertile again. A ‘guided play’ experience by the same team that brought you Where the Wild things Are.

For more information and to purchase your ticket please call us at 604-990-3474



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