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About Mathew Bond for North Vancouver District Mayor

A District for all to thrive for generations to come.

In 2014 I was inspired to run for office to bring a young, professional voice to Council, combining my transportation and sustainability expertise with my experience as a young person who struggled to find suitable housing in the District.

Eight years later, as I look at my two young daughters, the challenges they’ll face have deepened and I worry about the future they’re inheriting. The climate emergency is accelerating. The housing crisis has worsened.

I’ve decided to run for Mayor because after two terms on District council, it is clear to me that we lack the leadership, the long-term vision, and the political will to do what’s necessary and implement proven 21st century solutions that will make our community healthier, more socially-connected, happier, quieter, more sustainable, more equitable, and more resilient.

So how do we get there?

The District must move beyond symbolic acts, short-term thinking, and incrementalism. Council should be rising to the complex challenges of our time rather than spending countless hours of staff, community, and council time debating minor variances or airing personal grievances.

Municipal staff should be empowered to focus on big moves like creating resilience for climate disruption, creating slow and safe streets, advancing more affordable housing, and protecting and restoring ecosystems.

We will modernize and streamline municipal processes so people have more time to do the things we all value – like enjoying time outdoors and spending time with family and friends, rather than feeling bogged down by a cumbersome bureaucracy as a result of Council’s inability to set clear direction.

We will transform community engagement so that diverse perspectives are represented by getting out into the community and meeting people where they are. We will ensure that DNV hall is a positive, welcoming and safe environment for staff, council, and community.

We will work collaboratively with Tsleil-Waututh Nation, Squamish Nation, regional partners, other orders of government – and of course, within our community, to implement these positive long-term solutions.

The status quo is not working.

We’ll do things differently.

Through bold inclusive leadership we’re coming together to make a District where people both young and old have more opportunities to stay, where we build stronger relationships with Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Nations, and where we commit to the world’s best practices for transportation and housing. We envision a future where small businesses thrive and families are supported. A place where you know the District has your back, instead of standing in your way.

We want to make your life work here in the District of North Vancouver and create a future that our kids will be proud of.

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