North Vancouver Community Band at Lynn Valley Library

Event Details

Lynn Valley Library

Come and enjoy an evening listening to some great music.

The North Vancouver Community Band is a non-profit band that offers a first-rate musical education and social outlet for amateur woodwind, brass and percussion players on the Lower Mainland.

For more information and to register call: 604-984-0286 EXT: 8144

Started over 20 years ago, the North Vancouver Community Band was brought together by community members with a passion for music but no outlet. Looking for an opportunity to bring musicians with diverse background and different skill levels together in a supportive environment conducive to musical growth, a counsel of volunteers was recruited and a band was born. Since then the band has been dedicated to expanding musical awareness and has proudly provided to the musical education of 250+ members and performed at countless community events.

The North Vancouver Community Bands intentionally seeks to make music accessible for everyone in the community, regardless of age, skill level or socioeconomic status. The band offers a unique and supportive environment that encourages new members to pick-up forgotten instruments, learn new instruments or enhance their current skills. Currently the band boast a membership of 45 individuals aged 13 to 85 and is one of the only known groups to welcome members with disabilities and work with them to accommodate their limitations, encouraging a diversity of members at different skill levels.

What makes the North Vancouver Community Band incomparable is that encompassed with this passion for music, is the desire by its members to share their musical repertoire with a diverse range of audiences. Concert venues and concert programing are designed for audience of all ages, from school aged children to seniors to increase musical awareness and appreciation in the community.



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