Places Beyond – An Evening of Poetry, Music and Dance at the Presentation House Theatre

Event Details

Presentation House Theatre

Featuring poets Jude Neale and Daniela Elza

Jared Burrows (Guitar),Chris Corrigan (Celtic Flute) and Clyde Reed (Bass)
Dance by Su-Lin

A golden thread of insightful connection links spoken word, dance and music into a filigreed evening of entertainment.

Watch us weave this haunting and unforgettable landscape into a tapestry of light.

About Jude Neale:
Jude Neale’s poems are about surviving childhood, family relationships, the complexities of loss or relief that are felt when love leaves only a tracing of beautiful silver scars. She writes of wisdom and frailty, hope as signified by those “bright copper pennies dropped from the sun.”

About Daniela Elza:
Daniela Elza’s milk tooth bane bone is a book that sweeps across the reader’s consciousness like a bird’s wing. The poems do something rather miraculous: fragmentary yet narrative, grounded yet mythic, they deconstruct and build simultaneously, forge and empty out meanings and images.

Daniela Elza has lived on three continents and crossed numerous geographic, cultural and semantic borders. Her work has appeared in over 60 publications both at home and internationally. In 2011 she received her doctorate in Philosophy of Education from SFU and launched her first e-Book, The Book of It. Daniela’s debut poetry collection, the weight of dew, was published in 2012 by Mother Tongue Publishing.

She is writer in residence at the University of the Fraser Valley.



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