Re-examining the Nest

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CityScape Community Art Space

Sanctuary: Re-examining the Nest – CityScape Community Art Space

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June 14 – July 20

Mon – Sat, 12 – 5

This exhibition features three established North Vancouver artists – Lynne Green, Catherine Nicholls and Joan Skeet – utilizing images of the nest either wholly or as part of a larger whole in contemporary paintings, sculpture and textile art.

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 13th, 7-9 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 15th, 1-3 pm

The nest as both symbol and metaphor is found in the art and literature of cultures worldwide dating back to biblical times. Visually it creates an immediate association with nature and is traditionally used to reference or symbolize the home with implied qualities of refuge, comfort and peace. In contemporary Western Art the nest is portrayed realistically in its traditional form, or wholly or partially deconstructed, hovering anywhere between representation and total abstraction. The image of the nest in its modern context creates a vehicle for inquiry, exploration and thought on issues such as the nature of the home in modern society, the natural word, life cycles of birth and death and aspects of fulfillment and emptiness.

Venue: CityScape Community Art Space

Location: 355 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2G3

Discipline: Visual Arts



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