Rebecca Graham: Walking on the Land Exhibition at the City Atrium Gallery

Event Details

City Atrium Gallery

Rebecca Graham is an artist and weaver who explores ways to be creative in connection with the land. Through artistic inspiration, Rebecca invites people to rediscover the abilities of their hands, the companionship of neighbours, and the creative potential in our landscape.

Walking on The Land is an extension of her connection to the land she lives on and her connection to her own body and breath.

“Shoes and shoe design have been fascinating to me for many years. The vigor, satisfaction, joy and horror of making and wearing all-natural shoes created from the plants around me is enthralling. I rely on life, growth, and diversity to create these shoes; the shoes separate me from the grittiness of that same life and growth, and then life and growth will slowly wear them down again to dust.”

For more information about this event please call us at 604-988-6844 and visit our website at



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