Shelley O’Brien

Event Details

Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club

Accessible Pop music from a Melancholy Poet with an Unshakeably Happy Streak

Doors 6:30 Show 8 PM
Tickets $10 or 604-738-1959

Shelley O’Brien

Canadian ukulele songstress Shelley O’Brien has been joyfully sharing her artistry in far-off places for some time. In whatever changing landscapes she finds herself in, Shelley lands, sings, and leaves behind stories of child-like wonder, vast northern spaces, and the much more intimate spaces of the heart.

Since 2008, she has toured Europe, played at festivals in Paris, Venice and Helsinki, been hosted by venues in Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Rotterdam and Reykjavik, as well as returning to her Canadian homeland to play at major city hot spots.

Shelley released her debut album “You, Me and the Birds” in April 2009 to rave reviews. Recorded in Vancouver, the album is most singular for its subtly contrasting material. She writes about a melting glacier as if she were its unrequited lover in “With a will, Margerie.” Her happiest jazz-influenced tune is about a fatherless, yet resilient 7 year old in “Emily, coming and going”. And her infectiously catchy title track celebrates brunch with a lover, right before she says goodbye, and flies away with the birds.



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