Tamara Phillips and David Wagner at the District Foyer Gallery

Event Details

District Foyer Gallery, North Vancouver District Hall

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 9, 6:30 – 8:30pm

2D Tamara Phillips:
Tamara’s art is inspired by raw beauty of the natural world, resonating cellular life and ethereal wildness. Her detailed watercolour paintings are woven together in earth tones and play with iridescence. She draws from her subconscious and her fascination with the overlays between myth, dream, intuition, and reality and filters it through her affection for nature and her background in biology. The result is deliciously captivating ethereal paintings.

3D David Wagner: Using local hardwoods such as Maple, Birch, and Walnut, David creates one of a kind artistic pieces, vessels, bowls, and platters. David’s preference for fluid shapes and his careful selections of grain and burls within the wood, contributes to the uniqueness of the pieces by providing natural patterns, colours and depth. Recently, he has been exploring with vibrant colours, by incorporating dyes and stains. Ultimately, he allows the wood to dictate the esthetic of the finished piece, enabling the natural beauty of the grain to shine through.



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