The Imagineers Program Preview

Event Details

Presentation House Theatre, Anne MacDonald Studio

The Imagineers Program Preview – Presentation House Theatre

March 29 – March 30


3 to 5 pm

Come join us for an all ages, Easter-themed condensed, version of our, up-coming children’s program. The IMAGINEERS is a confidence-boosting, team-building, imagination create it all. Working together kids can make amazing things happen! Come see what your little people can IMAGINEER!

Our program uses various artistic mediums to teach children the principles of, teamwork, independent thinking, respect, and appreciation for other’s artistic ability. Imagineers will work to create a project of their choice for which they can display their imaginative ideas. Help is offered in the form of passionate adult Imagineers. These dedicated volunteers have expertise in various artistic mediums such as, theater, dance, painting, drawing, sewing, building and many other unexplored ways to create.

Venue: Presentation House Theatre


Anne MacDonald Studio, 333 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver


Dance, Theatre, Literary Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts


Nickie Lewis
Tyler Prue
Vanessa Sears

Ticket Price:

$10 per child Friday $10 per Family on Saturday


Nickie Lewis

Box Office:





203 E. 20th st.

North Vancouver



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