The Vancouver Helijet Helicopter Webcam

The Vancouver Helijet helicopter webcam is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and points at the North Shore (North Vancouver / West Vancouver) of Vancouver. You can see the helicopters depart and arrive in downtown Vancouver. Helijet is proud to have been a part of the growth of British Columbia for the past two decades. Periodically, you will see the helicopters land and take-off from this camera. See the included schedule for departure and arrival times in Vancouver. You will also see other marine traffic, including the public transit operated Vancouver Sea Bus which takes commuters on the seven minute ride across the Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver.

See the Helijet Vancouver / Victoria helicopter flight schedule here.

The large red cranes in the background belong to Vanterm, located in Burrard Inlet, which is a 76-acre, twin-berth container terminal that offers five high-speed dock gantries, a modern fleet of container handling equipment and a five-track on-dock intermodal rail yard.

A big thanks to our sponsors who help make this Vancouver City Helijet / Helicopter web camera possible. In November 1986, armed with a vision, one helicopter and a handful of dedicated employees, Helijet began commuter service between downtown Vancouver and downtown Victoria. The first scheduled helicopter service in Canada!