Woodworking Workshop at Maplewood House North Vancouver

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Maplewood House

Discover the wonders of wood as you carve, engrave and saw it in this hands-on workshop. James Harry, Suzanne Erickson, and Brian Ballard will share a variety of small projects and techniques, including hand carving, pyrography, and working with a scroll saw.

During the morning, participants will be introduced to the techniques and tools used in hand carving, pyrography and working with scroll saw and have a chance to try all three methods in a round robin. In the afternoon, choose one of the methods and create a more advanced project, under the guidance of one of the instructors.


James is a Squamish Nation artist and son of master carver Xwalacktun and artist Jennifer Kleinsteuber. Following in their creative paths, James has accomplished much in his early career as a carver. He is looking forward to sharing the skills of hand carving cedar with the participants of this workshop.


Suzanne is a multi faceted artist whose exquisite designs can be found on glass, wood, metal, leather, and most recently, gourds! During this workshop, Suzanne with show participants the how to “draw” on wood with a pyrographic wood burner, utilizing a variety of different tip shapes and techniques.


The scroll saw works like a conventional sewing machine, but uses a blade instead of a needle. Using extremely fine saw blades, one can use a scroll saw to cut fine details, puzzles, do inlays, and shape graceful vessels. During this workshop, Brian will teach participants many tricks of the trade, including how to cut a small puzzle.

For more information and to purchase your ticket please visit www.nvartscouncil.ca

Tickets are $140 supplies included




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