Anna Boltenko for North Vancouver City Councillor


About Anna Boltenko for North Vancouver City Councillor

Anna will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, passion, and openness to the City of North Vancouver Council.
She holds a Master’s Degree in municipal management and environmental studies, a pre- PhD degree in strategic management, and is an advocate and policy developer for strengthening local food systems.
She ran for the City Council in 2018 and spent these 4 years serving as a member of the City committee, volunteering, and being the CEO of the federal riding association.
Our residents are rightfully concerned about unaffordable housing, congested traffic, and overwhelming development in their neighbourhoods. Anna’s experience working on City policies and community initiatives in areas such as social and community well- being, local food systems, young adult civic engagement, and climate action have prepared her to find creative and strategic ways to address the challenges and opportunities our city faces, and bring the community together, from all walks of life to participate in the process.
At the core of her beliefs is the vision of the city as a complete and resilient community that is created together and thrives. Anna will stand up for the residents to improve their quality of life and to make sure their voice is heard.
Anna has served on:
Social Planning Advisory Committee, Neighbourhood House Small Grants Committee,
was a North Shore Young Citizen’s Forum co- facilitator,
is CEO of North Vancouver Federal Green Party EDA and a North Shore Table Matters Network municipal policy developer.

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