Concerned Parents of Substance Affected Teens

Event Details

Delbrook Community Center

For parents who are interested in prevention or helping their
teens make positive life changes.
Is your child about to enter middle or high school?
Do you want to be prepared?
Do you want to know what to do and what not to do in terms of
reinforcing substance use behavior?
Do you have a teen that is currently using substances or alcohol?
Do you have a teen that would benefit from being in treatment for
substance abuse?
Have you been told there is nothing you can do until your teen
“hits bottom?”
Would you like to know more about drugs and how they impact the
body and the brain?
Price $175.00 per person Couple discount $ 290.00
Registration is limited to 20 people.

This workshop is presented by Crystal Arber, RSW and Caroline Lusztig,
RSW, two clinicians specializing in the treatment of youth, addictions and
mental health in Vancouver and on the North Shore.



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