The Beasts of the North Shore: A National Wildlife Week Event at the Parkgate Library

Event Details

Parkgate Library

The North Shore is home or has been home to many of the larger native mammals. Some of these such as deer, black bear, coyote skunk and raccoon are well known to North Shore residents but others are seldom seen and little known. Those who have stayed under the onslaught of human proliferation have found a variety of ways to co-exist. Others have left the area as human impact has reached intolerable levels and others such as the coyote that were absent before have found human densification to their liking and have come to stay. The speaker will describe these species outlining interesting facts about their biology, how to identify their tracks and scats and how each has adapted (or not) to the modifications of their habitat by humans.

For more information about this event please call Paul at 604-929-3727 or visit our website at



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